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    Book Your FREE Trial Clean…

    1. Enter some basic information about you and your company
    2. We will get in touch to arrange an onsite demonstration 
    3. Parts Washer is dropped off the night before so the water has time to heat to the operating temperature
    4. We meet the next day at your location and clean the parts you have in mind

    What’s the catch?

    In short, there isn’t one. You’re not obligated to do anything with us after your free trial.  The truth is that we do pick up some great customers by offering select businesses a trial clean, but only when it’s a great fit and makes sense for all involved.  

    Typically, the next step after a demo is to discuss the appropriate business model for your business. Calumet Chicago offers our customers the option to purchase the units and sign up for our preventative maintenance program or sign up for our subscription service, which is a complete turnkey service, which includes a new parts washer unit and regularly scheduled technical service going forward. If the best business model for your company is to outsource the cleaning requirements we offer that as well.


    Calumet Chicago Company
    2911 Bernice Road, Lansing, IL 60438

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    (708) 474-2343

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