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Preventative Maintenance Program

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Our Preventative Maintenance Jack Program will ensure your equipment is operating at manufacturer’s specifications and that your service costs are predictable. While most people understand that regularly scheduled service will extend the life of the equipment as well as reduce the total cost of ownership, managing the process can be difficult.

Calumet Chicago has developed a program designed to make the process easy, affordable and effective. The effects of unexpected downtime are realized far beyond the repair cost of the equipment. Minimizing unexpected downtime increases profitable uptime.


  • comprehensive inspection and repair
  • established service fees
  • regularly scheduled cost analysis and reporting
  • automatic service notification
Preventative Maintenance Program
Preventative Maintenance Program
Preventative Maintenance Program
Preventative Maintenance Program
Preventative Maintenance Program

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Creates safer work environment

  • Injuries are often caused by poorly performing equipment
  • Reduces safety penalties levied against a company for unsafe equipment
  • Minimizes or eliminates catastrophic equipment failures

Optimizes equipment performance

  • Optimizes equipment performance increasing plant capacity
  • Reduces late deliveries caused by broken down or poorly performing equipment
  • Reduces unscheduled maintenance – repairs can be made when they least affect production

Minimizes costly unanticipated downtime

  • Minimizes costly downtime – increases profitable uptime
  • Reduces need for standby equipment and additional floor space – less capital investment required for equipment
  • Reduces unnecessary repairs – repairs are done only if performance is less than optimal


  1. Comprehensive inspection of each jack includes complete disassembly, replacement of wear parts and reassembly. Procedural details outlined in section, ‘Calumet Chicago Preventative Maintenance Procedure.
  2. Capacity Testing – each jack will undergo testing scenarios to ensure it is operating at the product manufacturer’s intended capacity before returning to the customer.
  3. Annual Inspection reporting by: jack, location, model, cost and duration period. Reports will be provided upon customer request.
  4. Notification reminders 30 days prior to annual inspection due date for each jack.
  5. Inspection Date marked on each jack before returning to customer.
  6. 6-Month repair Warranty – Annual Inspection Procedure will be covered under Calumet Chicago’s 6-Month Repair Warranty Policy, which is outlined in the following pages.

Our Word: Calumet Chicago Company will not engage in additional repair activity beyond Preventative Maintenance procedure without verbal approval from the customer


  1. Data Entry Repair Tracking System
    A. Enter customer data including make, model, serial number of the jack
  2. Disassembly
    A. Visual inspection of jack exterior before disassembling
    B. Disassemble jack completely
    C. Clean all parts thorough
  3. Comprehensive Inspection
    A. Check for irregular wear on all stationary and moving parts, (i.e.) gears, bearings, bushings etc.
    B. Inspection of air motor cylinder for defects, scoring or rust
    C. Clean and hone cylinder if necessary
    D. Replacement of air motor vanes and all gaskets
    E. Inspect threads / teeth of the brass lifting nut, check for wear of the threads. Using Duff Norton Gauge and specifications assigned to each model of jack
    F. Brass lifting nut would be replaced at additional charge upon customer’s approval if requirements are not to manufacturer specifications
  4. Reassembly
    A. Replacement of parts if necessary
    B. Re-assembling of every part
    C. Grease and air tool oil are applied per Duff Norton manufacturer’s specifications
  5. Final Testing
    A. Jack is placed in press and set to maximum tonnage of jack capacity
    B. 90PSI of air pressure is applied to proceed with normal operation of jack
    C. Jack is inspected as it runs through a series of lifting, sustaining and lowering scenarios to ensure the jack will meet manufacturer’s operating capacity
    D. Jack will then be painted and returned to customer
  6. Final Inspection & Shipment
    Individual serial# assigned and scribed on jack housing and brass nut upon 1st visit to CCC shop and will be track/ logged in a maintenance file for future reference of each jack’s inspection history.

The above information is for preventative maintenance and does not account for damage to parts found during equipment inspection. Replacements of parts will add additional cost to repair process